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Headstone Restoration & Repair


At CK Monumental, we offer a comprehensive headstone restoration, repairs, and cleaning service, returning your loved one's resting place to its proper condition and protecting it from any further deterioration.


In addition to offering smaller touch-ups and stone repairs, we can offer full grave restoration services on even the oldest of graves. Restoration services include professional cleaning and repair of headstones, kerbing repairs, new inscriptions added, re-enamelling of existing inscriptions and the supply of new chippings. When performing gravestone cleaning or restoration, we always take extra care to ensure the wishes of our customers are met. We appreciate how important it is to keep a final resting place in good condition and sometimes it can be hard to know what work is actually required. If needed, CK Monumental can visit the cemetery in advance and inspect the existing memorial to advise you on which restoration services would be most appropriate.

Our gravestone restoration service includes:

  • Minor Headstone Repair

  • Major Headstone Restoration

  • Gravestone Replacement

  • Gravestone Cleaning

  • Additional Headstone Inscriptions

  • Inscription Restoration

  • Concrete Repair

  • Kerbing Repair

  • Kerbing Replacement

  • New chippings

  • Deep Cleaning

We understand the importance and reverence that graveyards hold, which is why we take the utmost care when performing our headstone repair and restoration services. For expert advice on headstone restorations and cleaning, visit the CK Monumental showroom in Sligo to speak to our team.

 For The Very Best Headstones Restoration, Repair & Cleaning Contact CK Monumental Today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What cause headstone deterioration?

    Headstones are made from different materials which may deteriorate for several reasons including adverse weather conditions and even just the passage of time. Headstones that are made from high quality materials will last for years and it will be some time before restoration may be needed.

  • How long does gravestone restoration take? our tradesmen available?

    This will depend on the extent of the restoration and repair works required. For example, repairing a damaged headstone will take longer than a simple gravesite cleaning. One we know how much work is required our craftsmen can provide you with a timeline.

  • How much does headstone cleaning cost?

    The cost of headstone cleaning will vary depending on the size of the grave and what work is needed. To discuss your cleaning or restoration requirements in detail please contact us directly or book a free consultation.